About the show

Congratulations! You’re obviously a fascinating and cultured person to have found out about this extremely exclusive screening. The documentary you see here will never be seen again. It’s a story of our times, and will speak to the things most important to you, because just by watching the show, you will affect its outcome; that’s the Observer Effect… also, because it’s an improv show, and that’s how that works.

Inspired by Christopher Guest (Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show), the cast will perform a documentary based on audience suggestions. The “screening” will be immediately followed by a Q&A with the documentary’s cast.


  • Jenny Bareilles
  • Hannah Bell
  • Marcus Bishop-Wright
  • Heather Craig
  • Lisa Davey
  • Josh Hurley
  • Patrick McCartney
  • Micah Sherman
  • Zak Sommerfield

and Giancarlo Osaben in the Booth