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“In this live show, comedy and tech come together at last. Each month, the tech ethicist David Ryan Polgar and the comedian Joe Leonardo invite a wide range of guests to pick apart and laugh about such matters as algorithms and artificial intelligence.” -The New York Times

The future is either bright or non-existent, depending on who you ask. Our visions of future work (Georgia Jetson had a four-hour workweek that consisted of pushing a button) have typically included images of comfort, hyper-efficiency, and more leisure time. Or will we all just get replaced by robots? Join the conversation! Funny as Tech, a live panel show and studio podcast that tackles the thorniest issues in technology, has assembled a diverse panel of experts to have a freewheeling conversation on the Future of Work for this nerdy night out.

The panel for What Is the Future of Work?!: Charlie Oliver (CEO & Founder of Tech 2025), Galina Ozgur (General Manager of Grand Central Tech), and Lisa Cervenka (Employer Brand Evangelist at The Muse).

What Is Funny as Tech?

Funny as Tech is a monthly live panel show and weekly podcast that tackles the thorniest issues in tech. Past topics have included trolls, tech addiction, diversity in tech, cryptocurrency, and the future of conversation. Co-hosts David Ryan Polgar (tech ethicist) and Joe Leonardo(comedian) invite a diverse range of experts to unpack our absurd present and uncertain future. The aim is to have a freewheeling conversation that is informative, accessible, and entertaining. Previous guests have included CNN’s Laurie Segall, comedian Chuck Nice, media theorist Douglas Rushkoff, WNYC’s Manoush Zomorodi, x.ai’s Dennis Mortensen, design researcher Pamela Pavliscak, and futurist comedian Baratunde Thurston. New episodes every Monday at FunnyAsTech.com.

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