About the show

We’re offering a collage of comedy to enjoy while you’re guzzling down your after-work medicine. Look, no one likes their job—that's why God invented hobbies. Some hobbies (memorizing The Cheetah Girls choreography) are more embarrassing than others. Either way, we want to hear about it! The truth is, our hobbies are kinda weird and we’re looking for some fresh ideas.

After our guest acts (who vary from stand-ups, musical improv, sketch teams, dance troupes, acoustic acts, and more) get you nice and riled-up, Hot Boss will invite an audience member onstage to share a passion/hobby/interest. If you chat with us, we’ll buy you a beer. After all, we’re not your regular boss…we’re Hot Boss.


More Dates
Hot Boss: Happy Hour Thu 4/5/18 7:30pm   Underground On E 24th
Hot Boss: Happy Hour Thu 5/3/18 7:30pm   Underground On E 24th
Hot Boss: Happy Hour Thu 6/7/18 7:30pm   Underground On E 24th