About the show

Bridget Barkan presents her one woman multi-media musical, “Dear Stranger, I Love You,” a quasi-feminist, pseudo-intellectual, mostly-funny, somewhat-dramatic, personal-universal manifesto! How can one woman have so much duality, well she is a Gemini! 

Bridget takes us on heroine's journey that would make Joseph Campbell blush as well as beam with pride, twisting through her psyche then birthing us out in a glorious display of eclectic and epic original music and stories. With the language of her body and the songs in her head, she explores her personal stories of love and sex addiction, growing up as a child actress, her struggle to love herself and the strangers she meets on the road to recovery. 

Bridget is a shapeshifting songstress, seamlessly transforming into the strangers she meets along her journey. Finding aspects of herself in the junkie on the street or the lonely widow in the park and gaining spiritual wisdom from the sky-diving monk and the drag queen on a bus. What makes Bridget's performance even more unique than her already one of a kind experience combining the character stylings of Sarah Jones and the cabaret traditions of Bette Midler, is her audience participation, inviting strangers to play characters within the show and improvising a song with the audiences inspiration. Bridget's "one" woman show magically morphs into a community effort. Join Bridget as she eventually discovers her healing can only be found through universal love and yet at the same time she's waiting for a text from that guy that she likes so...

More Dates
Dear Stranger I Love You Fri 4/20/18 9:00pm   Underground On E 24th
Dear Stranger I Love You Fri 5/18/18 9:00pm   Underground On E 24th
Dear Stranger I Love You Fri 6/15/18 9:00pm   Underground On E 24th