About the show

Students of the NYU Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program put together an evening of short puppet musicals with puppets made of all kinds of trash dealing with themes of plagiarism, conservation, and sexuality.


Plastic Lover (A Sex Toy Story)

by Annabel Mutale Reed & Kim Jinhyoung

Meet Lela, a vibrator on her quest to find her soulmate and finally feel useful. Will she make it off the shelf and into her lovers arms (or... wherever)? Will she learn that it is not only her limited edition packaging that makes her special? Will she help her new friends Ivan iPad2, Issy iPhone4 and Nigel 1984 to escape from the terrifying ‘drawer of useless things’? Our puppets answer all of these questions and more in a raunchy romp of a 10 minute musical!


Rime of the Ancient Grog

by Briana Whyte Harris & J.M. Gates

Revere Beach garbage gets a dose of much-needed variety when an old bottle of grog washes up amongst the usual beach trash. Through Grog’s stories, they all learn an important lesson about recycling and/or plagiarism.


Plastic Island

by Andi Lee Carter & Jess Newman

Poland Spring, a lonely water bottle, is looking for a place to fit in after being tossed away. After floating in the ocean, he finds a new home in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch called Plastic Island, where everything is plastic and everyone is happy, but something seems off in this strange new world on the sea.


Directed by Annabel Mutale Reed

Music Directed by Kim Jinhyoung, Jess Newman & J.M. Gates

Produced by Andi Lee Carter



Jamie Elizabeth Maletz, Nathan A. Fosbinder, Jack Trzcinski, Celine Snippe, Erin J. Reifler, Justin Gates, Michael Meketa, Annabel Mutale Reed, and Andi Lee Carter