About the show

The Optimist is the story of a young man’s journey through a intangible world in pursuit of discovering himself and empowering those around him through his artistry. This is the tale of a starving artist; living and breathing for a craft that can truly change the world and how the people in it see themselves and one another. The path of the optimist is one through an ever changing, dark and uncertain universe full of pitfalls and heartache yet illuminated by the sheer and unwavering forces of hope and effervescence. This production takes audience into a world not unlike their own to bring forth childlike wonder, to appreciate those who work so diligently to reach even the smallest stages and to peer into the small yet powerful elements that connect us.

Instagram: @atlascircus

Facebook: Atlas Circus Company


More Dates
The Optimist Mon 3/26/18 10:00pm   Striker on E 24th
The Optimist Tue 3/27/18 8:30pm   Striker on E 24th
The Optimist Thu 3/29/18 9:30pm   Striker on E 24th
The Optimist Sat 3/31/18 7:30pm   Striker on E 24th