About the show

An Uncomfortable Conversation About Race...hosted by Keisha Zollar is a fast paced panel discussion about race and related issues.

"Are black people more prone to violence?"

"Mexicans are taking good American jobs."

"Why is the KKK now actively recruiting?"

"White people can't be terrorists, just rampage killers."

If any of that makes you anxious, angry, uncomfortable or curious...keep reading!

An Uncomfortable Conversation About Race incorporates humor, truthful discussion into a butt clenching, cocktail party killing, and tense subject for many Americans. We will invite questions from the internet, audience members, family, friends and strangers too. THE PANEL: Kevin Gilligan Sue Smith Mike Sapp Mo Fathelbab Madeleine Tompkins Robert A. George James Bullard Shonali Bhowmik

*guests subject to change

This show will be recorded in front of a live audience (think Real Time with Bill Maher meets The Young Turks).

Come join the conversation! Tweet questions for the Panel at @KeishaZ