About the show

Every month, Bridge & Tunnel works with an expert, storyteller, or personality to produce a sketch show based on his or her life. This month, they're interviewing Gemma Deller, an intuitive advisor and psychic medium. Gemma uses her gifts as a medium to provide advice and guidance. She's also been called upon to clear out homes and bring in good energy.

Come out to hear Gemma's incredibly interesting stories and Bridge & Tunnel's hilarious sketches about her life. THERE WILL BE GHOSTS.

Bridge & Tunnel is: Kristen Bartlett, Shira Danan, Will Gallagher, Jason Gore, Danielle Grace, Adam Maid, Michael Romanos, and Nathan Wagner.

Directed by Aaron Burdette

Bridge & Tunnel has performed at The PIT since 2013 and at festivals like New York Sketch Festival, Boston Comedy Arts, and Montreal Sketchfest, where they were named Best Newcomers. Members include contributors to The Onion, Someecards, Splitsider, and Mad Magazine. They've also appeared in videos for Adult Swim, Above Average, and IFC.com.

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