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Join us for BROWNIES, BOOZE and BUSEY at...

Gary Busey's One-Man Hamlet (As Performed by David Carl): an absurdist romp through Shakespeare, pop culture, and life in the theatre directed by Michole Biancosino (AD of the award-winning Project Y Theatre Company), and created by Gary Busey (as imagined by David Carl). "Gary" decided he will perform all the parts in Shakespeare's Hamlet in order to prove that he still has "the chops." Switching between beat poet narrator, puppeteer, musical theatre singer, horror film director, and "great" actor, Gary Busey (as imagined by David Carl) plays each scene in the style he feels appropriate.A mix of high- and low-brow comedy, Gary Busey's One-Man Hamlet (as performed by David Carl), celebrates Shakespeare's play by proving it is still relevant, applicable, and moving in the jaded, celebrity-crazy, meme obsessed world we (and David Carl) live in.

After a successful run at FringeNYC 2014 where they received an Encore Run at Baruch College and an award for "Overall Excellence in Solo Performance", they're gearing up for a brief tour of Ft. Myers and Boca Raton, Florida this March! More exciting news about future shows TBA!

We're also shooting a documentary, so you'll get to be a part of the audience and possibly participate in a audience interview after the show.

Written by: David Carl and William Shakespeare Created by: David Carl and Michole Biancosino Performed by: David Carl Directed by: Michole Biancosino Video by: Jeanette Sears Tech: Christine Liz Pynn

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTh7jNaESd8 https://twitter.com/dcorreycarl http://micholebiancosino.com/ http://www.davidcorreycarl.com/