About the show

Like most variety shows, the monthly "I Friends And My: Live" show will take script submissions from various comedians, character actors, sketch groups, and improv troupes. What makes our show unique, is that we plan to string these scripts into one long, cohesive narrative. Essentially, we'll create a brand new, off-broadway play, every month.

Every month, we'll have a theme for submissions. One month, the theme could be "a sinking ship." The next month, it could be "The old west." The submitters don't necessarily need to adhere to the theme, but we believe it'll help in forming a fluid plot line.

Similar to shows like "Mr. Show" and "The State," sketches will bleed into one another; characters will reappear in other parts of the play; actors will play multiple roles; multiple story lines will converge at the end. We believe this will offer a unique experience not only for our audience, but also for our performers. They'll have the opportunity to play off talents that they may have never met, otherwise.

A Three Night RUN! 5/27 @ 8 - 9:15 6/24 @ 8 - 9:15 7/29 @ 8 - 9:15