About the show

We live in a complex and chaotic world.A butterfly flaps it's wings: 3,000 miles away in a basement in New York a fart joke goes terribly, terribly wrong.

We are all complex products of the interweaving threads of evolution, genetics and environmental circumstances. Comedy is one way of untangling those threads to once and for all explain life's great questions, like why is it that funny things are always happens "the other day?" And do women really "be shopping?" Really?

In Malignant Brain Humor, Mike Blejer (Vh1, Xfinity, College Humor) interviews established and rising stars of the comedy world, contextualizing their work within Comedy, Comedy within Art, and Art within the broader scientific worldview. The show is funny, because these are funny people, but it's also sad or a bit touching sometimes, because a lot of funny people are sad and a bit touched.

Come on out and let us touch you in your funny sad bone with our malignant brains.

Previous guests include Jim Gaffigan, Ted Alexandro, Ophira Eisenberg, Dave Hill, and you, if you came to our last show. If you didn't, then future guests include you.

And remember, if anything goes wrong, it was probably the butterfly's fault.