About the show

Watch as two teams compete for your love and applause. The only problem is only one player has showed up to play. Watch as Tracy plays for both teams in a totally improvised show where the games are pulled from a bucket, scenes are pulled out of thin air and sanity is thrown out the window.

“Fun for the whole family – even if you don’t have a family.” — a guy

“Tracy faces her biggest competitor: herself.” – a fake newspaper

“Batter’s up? More like Batty’s up!” — an old guy

Tracy Mull has been doing short form shows for 9 years. That’s a lot of imaginary points.

Langston Belton is an actor, comedian, and consumer of spicy thai noodles. He could be a Power Ranger IRL. Check him out in Coyote and G.U.S.

Frank Todaro is a NYC-based actor/voice actor/host of radio programs and live events/producer/director/board op/ninja-robot from the future.

A Two Night Run! 4/7 at 10PM 5/12 at 10PM