Solocom 2016

SOLOCOM is NYC's Only All-New Solo Comedy Festival!

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Festival Pass: $30.00

SOLOCOM is NYC's Only All-New Solo Comedy Festival!

November 17 - November 20, 2016 at The Peoples Improv Theater

The Peoples Improv Theater proudly announces the return of SOLOCOM following last year’s record-breaking weekend, which debuted over 126 world premieres.

The PIT, along with award-winning solo show artist Peter Michael Marino (Desperately Seeking the Exit), once again presents all new solocomedies from national and international solo performers.

Now entering its fourth year, SOLOCOM is a unique solo show festival that has launched over 275 new solo comedies that have gone on to longer runs, tours and festivals around the world. This 4-day festival in NYC takes place in 3.5 spaces at The Peoples Improv Theater in the Flatiron District and at The PIT Loft in Chelsea from November 17 - 20.

Marino and The PIT created SOLOCOM to provide artists with a platform in which to generate new comic material. Dozens of shows that made their debut at SOLOCOM 2013, 2014 & 2015 have gone on to tour the world and play at various festivals including Edinburgh Fringe, Hollywood Fringe, NC Comedy Arts Festival, and Orlando Fringe. Gary Busey’s One-Man Hamlet by David Carl began at SOLOCOM before becoming the breakout hit of the New York International Fringe, transferring to Edinburgh and returning to NYC for a triumphant run.

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Festival Shows
Thu, Nov 17
The Striker 123 E 24th St NYC, 10010
8:00pm SOLOCOM: Amelia Bienstock (PIT Attic)
8:45pm SOLOCOM: Alexa Fitzpatrick
9:30pm SOLOCOM: Syd Story (PIT Attic)
10:00pm SOLOCOM: Rich Kameda + David Warth

PIT Loft 154 W 29th St NYC, 10001
7:00pm SOLOCOM: Benjamin Kharakh + Jamie Lerner
8:15pm SOLOCOM: Paul Gutkowski + Lillian Thakura
9:30pm SOLOCOM: Bre Northrup + Megan Baker

The Underground 123 E 24th St NYC, 10010
8:45pm SOLOCOM: Andrew Kimler + Marla Schultz
10:00pm SOLOCOM: Kelly Fitzpatrick + Emily Duncan

Fri, Nov 18
The Striker 123 E 24th St NYC, 10010
6:00pm SOLOCOM: Morgan DeTogne + Katherine Rose
7:15pm SOLOCOM: Polly Esther
8:15pm SOLOCOM: Becca Beberaggi (PIT Attic)
8:30pm SOLOCOM: Ladell Thomas + Paul Valenti
9:45pm SOLOCOM: Lauren Maul
10:00pm SOLOCOM: Emily Dalton (PIT Attic)
10:45pm SOLOCOM: Dennis Holden + Ryan Wesley Stinnett

PIT Loft 154 W 29th St NYC, 10001
6:30pm SOLOCOM: Katie Hammond + Dan Titmuss
7:45pm SOLOCOM: Tracey Petrillo + Amanda Miller
10:30pm SOLOCOM: Lucy Shelby + Katie Hutch

The Underground 123 E 24th St NYC, 10010
6:15pm SOLOCOM: Jay Malsky + Jon Bander
7:30pm SOLOCOM: Mary Theresa Archobold
8:30pm SOLOCOM: Matt Gehring + Becky Yamamoto
9:45pm SOLOCOM: Harmon Leon
11:00pm SOLOCOM: Ali Farahnakian

Sat, Nov 19
The Striker 123 E 24th St NYC, 10010
2:15pm SOLOCOM: Lois Dilivio + Parker Denton
3:00pm SOLOCOM: Elyssa Rosen (PIT Attic)
3:30pm SOLOCOM: Molly Horan + Martha Chaves
4:30pm SOLOCOM: Mary Crosbie (PIT Attic)
4:45pm SOLOCOM: Jamie Aderski + Sam Jackel
6:00pm SOLOCOM: Tracy Mull + Tim Eberle
6:00pm SOLOCOM: Sarah Peele (PIT Attic)
7:15pm SOLOCOM: Julie Sharbutt + KK Apple
7:30pm SOLOCOM: Larry Phillips (PIT Attic)
8:30pm SOLOCOM: Adam Wade
9:00pm SOLOCOM: Samantha Singleton (PIT Attic)
9:30pm SOLOCOM: Jack Frederick + Amanda Kathryn Giobbi
11:00pm SOLOCOM: Cojones! Variety Show

PIT Loft 154 W 29th St NYC, 10001
2:00pm SOLOCOM: Courtney Roche
3:00pm SOLOCOM: Kate Villa + Tristan Griffin
4:15pm SOLOCOM: Ron Hill + Chris Booth
5:30pm SOLOCOM: Matt Smith + Rory Scholl
6:45pm SOLOCOM: Chris Aurilio + Lacy Allen
8:00pm SOLOCOM: Leila Ben-Abdallah
11:00pm SOLOCOM: Rich Templeton

The Underground 123 E 24th St NYC, 10010
2:00pm SOLOCOM: Antonia Lassar + Steven Hajar
3:15pm SOLOCOM: Stephanie Herrera
4:15pm SOLOCOM: Jenn Welch + Angel Yau
5:30pm SOLOCOM: Jeffrey Mondoro + Kyle Ingleman
6:30pm SOLOCOM: Alyssa Hyacinthe +Julia Darden
7:45pm SOLOCOM: Brad Stuart + Jillian Green
9:00pm SOLOCOM: Matt Cox
10:00pm SOLOCOM: Katie Kopajtic
11:00pm SOLOCOM: Jen Clark

Sun, Nov 20
The Striker 123 E 24th St NYC, 10010
2:30pm SOLOCOM: Katie Fabel
3:00pm SOLOCOM: Linda Moulton (PIT Attic)
3:30pm SOLOCOM: Joanna Shaw Flamm + Jackie Peters
4:00pm SOLOCOM: Audrey Davenport (PIT Attic)
4:45pm SOLOCOM: Patrick Jones + Tabitha Vidaurri
5:30pm SOLOCOM: Pamay Bassey (PIT Attic)
6:00pm SOLOCOM: Tom Sanchez
7:00pm SOLOCOM: Stephanie Gould + Ashley England
7:30pm SOLOCOM: Katie Mack (PIT Attic)
8:15pm SOLOCOM: Brennan Vickery + Tahlia Robinson
9:00pm SOLOCOM: Trish Parry (PIT Attic)
9:30pm SOLOCOM: Matt Higgins + Molly McGaughey

PIT Loft 154 W 29th St NYC, 10001
11:00am SOLOCOM: Darcy Burke
2:00pm SOLOCOM: Mary Kate Doherty
3:00pm SOLOCOM: Alex Gallafent
4:00pm SOLOCOM: Josh Krebs + Elie Stav
5:15pm SOLOCOM: Meghan O'Malley + Jenna Robino
6:30pm SOLOCOM: Gianmarco Soresi + Matt Mitchell
7:45pm SOLOCOM: Amanda Nicastro
9:00pm SOLOCOM: Sarah Nedwek + Lani Harms

The Underground 123 E 24th St NYC, 10010
2:15pm SOLOCOM: Erica Wides + Olivia Wardwell
3:30pm SOLOCOM: Carrie Gravenson + Matt Hammond
4:45pm SOLOCOM: Meggie McKinnon + Robin Rothman
6:15pm SOLOCOM: Adam Blotner + Julia Morales
7:30pm SOLOCOM: David Lawson + Joe Albano
8:30pm SOLOCOM: Kelly Dunham + Lucas Brooks
9:45pm SOLOCOM: Jaene Leonard + Peaches Rodriguez
SOLOCOM is NYC's Only All-New Solo Comedy Festival!