Chris Luther


CHRIS LUTHER (@chriscantlose) is a Sketch, Improv and Stand Up comedian living in NYC. He has studied sketch at the PIT and Upright Citizens Brigade theaters and is a writer/actor on the PITtv team Top Secret Projector Room. As an improviser, Chris is a graduate of the PIT, a veteran of multiple indie groups and performs weekly at the Secret Theatre with house team Karma Haus. On occasion Chris will rock the Stand Up mic and learned to rock the mic right while training at the famed Gotham Comedy Club. When not purposely making people laugh, Chris can be found being accidentally hilarious on the dating scene in his endless pursuit of true love, which was documented in a reality show produced by Chris was once recognized at a bus stop for his appearance on the Tyra Banks Show where he awkwardly informed America that he is, in fact, “a really nice guy.” Oh and also, Chris has a sadly unfulfilling passion for Pro-Wrestling… It’s like seriously unhealthy you guys.