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Zobel, Craig

Screenwriting Craig Zobel

Tuition: $400
Prerequisite: None
(6 weeks)

Simple Studios
134 W. 29th Street, btwn 6th/7th Ave, 2nd Floor

Step 1

In this class you will transform an idea or a film of any genre into the treatment and outline for a feature length screenplay. Screenwriting concepts such as plot versus character, sustaining dramatic tension, and climax and catharsis will be explored. You will complete the course with key scenes written and a detailed outline to guide you into a finished feature script. There will be an emphasis on character development and scene work, with tips and tricks for overcoming blocks and productive brainstorming. This class is perfect for those new to the art of screenplay and those looking to refresh their foundation before completing a new work. Students will come to the first class with a half page written and corresponding three-minute verbal pitch of the idea they are excited to work on. We will workshop weekly writing exercises in a fun, low-pressure environment.

CRAIG ZOBEL (WGA) was a co-producer on David Gordon Green’s debut feature GEORGE WASHINGTON, and is one of the founding creators of the popular cartoon website HOMESTAR RUNNER. Craig was awarded the Breakthrough Director award at the 2008 Gotham Awards for GREAT WORLD OF SOUND, his debut feature as a writer/director. The film premiered at Sundance 2007, was selected as one of the Top Ten Independent Films of the Year by The National Board of Review, and was nominated for Best First Film, and Best Supporting Actor in the 2008 Independent Spirit Awards. He was a participant in the esteemed Sundance Writer’s Lab, and has written screenplays for Jim Henson Company and Rogue Pictures. His most recent feature, COMPLIANCE, was accepted into the 2012 Sundance film festival. Currently, he is teaching graduate level directing at Columbia University as he prepares to direct his newest film.