Chris Aurilio

CHRIS AURILIO writes, directs, performs and produces sketch comedy at The PIT and online. He currently directs the sketch house team National Scandal. Chris also enjoys sketch comedy writing and performing with his dear, close friends, The Foolhardy Manor, which has performed at The PIT regularly since 2008. Chris also produces video work and comedy variety shows with PulpRiot including ImprovSketchParty2000 and Hobo Joe’s Boxcar Sideshow. As far as training goes, he completed improv programs at UCB and improv and sketch at The PIT, in addition to a Master’s Degree in theatre studies. Other credits include performing with The Monster Show, hosted by Harvard’s Sailing Team’s Jen Curran and Clayton Early, videos for the PITtv team Philo’s Folly, and the creation of several original plays and children’s theater shows.

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