Allen McRae | Peoples Improv Theater

Allen McRae

Director of Scripted, Variety and Specialty Content

Allen is a producer/writer/director based in Brooklyn, NY. Allen is currently the Director of Scripted, Variety and Specialty Content at the Peoples Improv Theater and Head Producer of the NYC SketchFest. He founded the Super Sketch Tuesday PIT House Team system and has created and produced over 300 shows and festivals in New York City and Boston. He has produced content for NBC, TBS, NYCF, JFL and many others. Allen was formerly the Head Producer and Director of Mainstage Sketch at ImprovBoston in Cambridge, MA where he co-created the Best of Boston Sketch Festival and annual mainstage revues Comedy, America! and Flicks. Allen studied sketch writing, improv and directing at The PIT, UCB, ImprovBoston and Second City and holds a BA in Drama from Ithaca College. He is also very tall and is happy to grab whatever you need off the top of any high shelves.

Upcoming Classes
Basics of Sketch Comedy Writing | January 6 | Allen McRae  Jan 6, 2020 – Feb 10, 2020
Basics of Sketch Writing | November 4 | Allen McRae  Nov 4 – Dec 9
Basics of Sketch Comedy Writing | September 23 | Allen McRae  Sep 23, 2019 – Oct 28, 2019
Basics of Sketch | July 29 | Allen McRae  Jul 29, 2019 – Sep 9, 2019