Allison Goldberg & Jen Jamula

About Allison Goldberg & Jen Jamula

Allison Goldberg and Jen Jamula co-create, produce, and perform Blogologues & How To Break Up By Text monthly at The PIT. Blogologues is a sketch show in which text from the internet and social media is performed live and verbatim, and How To Break Up By Text is a comedy-therapy show where the duo performs and analyzes *your* screenshots!

Alli & Jen have been featured in The Daily Beast, Newsweek, The Village Voice, CBS, and more, and were on the cover of Time Out New York, which ranked them among "the top 10 funniest women in NYC."

They recently filmed a web series entitled 2 Girls 1 Show, in which they meet the people behind the posts, and are the minds behind No Text Weekend, a movement to get people talking instead of texting. Lastly, they teach corporate communication workshops through their company, GoldJam Creative.