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Becca Roth

Becca Roth is an actor, improvisor, writer and filmmaker. This is her third season performing with The PIT house team The Kiss Goodbyes, and she performed with Angry Therapist for two seasons before that. She also takes improv at UCB. In 2017 she wrote, co-directed and acted in two award-winning comedy short films, “Lenses” and “Workout Gaze”, and in early 2018, she co-wrote a mockumentary, “Off Track”,  about the cut-throat world of bunny competitions, that has already been produced and screened and is currently being submitted to film festivals. She is in the process of writing another mockumentary, which she also plans to act in. In addition to improv and acting, Becca is an award-winning documentary and narrative filmmaker. She lives on the southernmost tip of Brooklyn (not the cool part) with her wife, dog, two cats, and lots of pet hair. Find out more about Becca and her work at

Upcoming Shows
SFM: The Kiss Goodbyes and Hero Complex  Jun 11, 2018 – Jul 9, 2018   8:00pm