Beth White

About Beth

Beth is an actor/comedian, originally from Washington state. She now lives with her husband and their large paunchy cat in a way far out part of Brooklyn that is low crime/very residential. It's off the F train. It's like a 45 minute commute to the city. It's not THAT bad on weekdays but weekends, it's like, forget it.
Currently you can find her onstage with CANNONBALL! Look out for her in XPlus One, the sci-fi radio show, as well as Impordin! The three-prov team with Rachel Scherer and Sarah Peele! Past PIT house teams include: The Studio System, Cash Only and Joan Wilder. She can also been seen in the web series LatchKey as Claire, as well as the series Stay At Home as Beth. And if you ever need some crucial info about Brooklyn, she's got you covered in the Brooklyn Beat: and