Brian Jauch | Peoples Improv Theater

Brian Jauch

Brian first dabbled in improv as an actor and stage combatant at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, before studying at the PIT, Magnet, and UCB in New York, as well as the Annoyance Theater in both Chicago and Brooklyn.  You may have seen him perform with his previous house teams Walter, Magically Delicious, Navy Blue Seals, The Legend of Dillion Gunt, The Future, Chariot, The Truth, The Department, Go-Go Danger, and Perry.  Brian has also performed at the New York Improv Festival, Indie-pendence Day Festival, Albany Improv Festival, and Boston Comedy Arts Festival.

You can currently catch him performing on Super Free Wednesday with team Royal Grunge, or as cast member in the improvised Dungeons & Dragons show, The Campaign.

Royal Grunge