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Chris Aurilio

Chris Aurilio is a sketch comedy writer/performer/director, regularly producing his work at The PIT where he also serves as General Manager of the school and theater. Chris cut his NYC-producing sketch teeth by writing and performing with his dear, close friends, The Foolhardy Manor–a group that has continued to perform at The PIT regularly since 2008. Chris works with his fellow Foolhardy member and childhood friend Anik Sood as the co-owner of PulpRiot, a production company responsible for live comedy shows and other cool multimedia projects. In 2014, Chris began performing an evolving solo show, Chris Aurilishow, in which he plays various characters/different versions of himself. Chris studied improv at UCB from 2004-06 and later went through the improv and sketch programs at The PIT where he continues to study whenever he can. Directing credits include a year with The PIT house team National Scandal, Ali Farahnakian’s YOLO SOLO performance at 2013′s SOLOCOM festival, the sketch duo Family Friend and Gary DeNoia’s solo show Nothing to Hyde. Chris holds a master’s degree in theater studies and has created several original plays and children’s theater shows.

Upcoming Shows
Grad Show: Basics of Sketch | 11/15 | Chris Aurilio  Nov 15, 2018   9:00pm
Grad Show: Basics of Sketch Comedy Writing | 11/5 | Chris Aurilio  Nov 5, 2018   7:00pm
Grad Show| Sketch Class| Aurilio 7/23  Jul 23, 2018   7:00pm
Grad Show: Basics of Sketch  Apr 25, 2018   7:00pm
Upcoming Classes
Basics of Sketch | September 26th | Chris Aurilio  Sep 26, 2018 – Nov 14, 2018
Level 0 Joy of Improv | September 10 | Chris Aurilio  Sep 10, 2018 – Oct 1, 2018
Basics of Sketch | September 13th | Chris Aurilio  Sep 13, 2018 – Nov 1, 2018
Sketch Intensive| July 9th | Chris Aurilio  Daytime July Intensive!!
Basics of Sketch | June 13th | Aurilio  Jun 13, 2018 – Aug 8, 2018