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Chris Griggs

Chris was a regular host for TV Land’s “Prime Movies” and has made appearances on NBC’s Blacklist”, Bravo, IFC, E Television, Hulu, Netflix, Starz and The Discovery Channel.  He also was selected to represent New York on the TV show “World Cup Comedy” produced by Kelsey Grammar.

Chris has been featured in the feature films “The Co-Exist Comedy tour,” “Twenty Million People” “The Best Man” and “Generation Iron 2”. 

 He’s a regular standup around New York and you can catch him on Saturday nights at 8pm with the Pit’s longest running house team The Baldwins. 


Upcoming Shows
Grad Show: Standup, Beginners 4/14  Apr 14, 2018   5:30pm
Grad Show: Stand Up: A Beginner’s Guide | 5/12  May 12   5:30pm
Grad Show: Masterclass: Improvisation | 6/9 | Griggs  Jun 9   5:00pm
Upcoming Classes
Level 5: Improv | May 1st | Chris Griggs  May 1 – Jun 19
Level 5: Improv | May 24 | Chris Griggs  May 24 – Jul 12
Improv: Master Class  Apr 18, 2018 – Jun 6, 2018