Christy Harrison

About Christy

Christy Harrison is a nutritionist, journalist, and improviser based in NYC. She writes about food and nutrition for various publications and hosts Food Psych, a podcast about the psychology of eating. In her nutrition counseling practice, she combines scientific expertise with her training in meditation, yoga, and even improv, to help her clients develop a healthier and happier relationship to food. Prior to joining a PIT house team, she performed with 10,000 Hours teams MMDK and Mayhem Social Club, and still puts on the occasional show with her beloved indie team Rocksteady. She studied improv at the PIT and The Annoyance Theatre NYC, and has a master’s degree in public health nutrition from NYU and a bachelor’s degree in rhetoric (with honors) from UC Berkeley. She is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area but has lived in Brooklyn since before it was *that* cool (2004). Find her online at