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Dawn Harris

Dawn Harris jokingly submitted her Senior Class yearbook quote as “That’s it! You people have stood in my way long enough. I’m going to Clown College.” Ten years, and one BA degree later, she enrolled in classes at The People’s Improv Theatre.  While at the PIT Dawn has performed with House Teams Matador, Skycopter, Walter, Navy Blue Seals, and, currently The Kiss Goodbyes. Additionally she has produced a variety show, Guerrilla Theatre, and the long running show, Act One. Dawn has trained in the Advanced Study program at The Upright Citizens Brigade. She is now freelancing in the emotionally rewarding field of cat sitting and dog walking! Meow!

Upcoming Shows
SFM: The Kiss Goodbyes and Hero Complex  Jun 11, 2018 – Jul 9, 2018   8:00pm
The Kiss Goodbyes