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Erica Molfetto

ERICA MOLFETTO is a musical comedian who’s studied at UCB, The People’s Improv Theatre, and Ohio University. She’s been writing and producing her own work in preschool, when she realized her upbringing in New Jersey lent comic material she just couldn’t waste. Since then, her work has been seen across the country, the internet, and Manhattan’s most famous basements. Erica hosts a monthly musical comedy variety show at the People’s Improv Theatre called “Chris & Erica’s Big Break!” Her most recent credits include the Voice of Reason (Verisimilitude: Off-Broadway), Jenna (Something Real: the web series), and Ralph/Wikewitch (Anton in Showbusiness: Ohio University). She’s eligible to be SAG eligible. Twitter: erica_molfetto; Instagram: erica_molfetto;