Gabe Capone

About Gabe

Gabe Capone is a writer/actor/mascot for house sketch comedy team National Scandal at The PIT. He doesn't mind saying—here in this bio only, but never aloud—that he loves sketch comedy and collaborating with his fellow comedians. He didn't know his mommy issues and dark secrets were so funny until he joined this team. He's the male half of the improv duo Capone & Defeo. Gabe also writes two humor collections for titled "The Pepper Dolores" and "Yours Truly," which are a welcome distraction from the site's generally thought-provoking and inspiring content. He's a contributing writer and performer for Prove It All Night, a monthly live variety show on the legendary WFMU-FM in Jersey City, NJ. Gabe produces and hosts a monthly sketch competition show called Battle Sketch! He is the creator/writer/star/director/producer/head of craft services of the live show Psychobabble, which features real comedians playing fake patients. If you want a quick laugh, then check out his twitter @gcapone or surprise him when he's getting out of the shower. Gabe is an alumnus of The PIT and considered going to Julliard, but didn't feel like dealing with the necessary subway transfers. When not doing comedy, you can find him dancing for money. For more nonsense, check out