Holden McNeely

About Holden

Holden McNeely has written and performed sketch comedy for 11 years now as part of the sketch comedy group Murderfist, which performs monthly at The PIT. Murderfist has been named the best sketch comedy group in New York by the Village Voice, 2010 ECNY Award winner for Best Sketch Comedy Group, and was recently featured on the front page of the arts section in the New York Times. He is the director of the PIT house team National Scandal, and his web series, “Huffin’ It with Biff and Stu,” can be seen on My Damn Channel. He also performs weekly on the podcast "Round Table of Gentlemen” which attracts listeners from all over the world, including Croatia (of all places). His approach to sketch comedy is collaborative, impulsive writing which transitions into precision performances through revision and rehearsal.

Upcoming Shows
National Scandal Fri 3/9/18 7:30pm
National Scandal Fri 4/13/18 7:30pm
National Scandal Fri 5/11/18 7:30pm
National Scandal Fri 6/8/18 7:30pm
Upcoming Classes
Comedy Media for the Digital Age: Live Streaming Sun 3/4/18