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Jake Keefe

Jake Keefe hails from a tiny little town in New Hampshire where he spent his youth among the trees and the fresh air. He’s since traveled America studying improv and teaching comedy everywhere from Hawaii to New York. And yes Hawaii was great!

Jake sometimes acts, recently he performed in the hit off broadway play “Puffs” as well as selling pizza and cold medicine in commercials. He’s been doing improv comedy for fifteen plus years and sketch for a decade. He does comedy all over New York, pretty much anywhere you can dance on a stage Jake will dance on that stage.

He also wants you to know that he loves dogs, like so much.

Upcoming Shows
Grad Show | Level 2 | Keefe 10/19  Oct 19   7:00pm
Upcoming Classes
Level 2 Improv | August 29th | Jake Keefe  Aug 29 – Oct 17
Level 3 Improv | August 13th | Jake Keefe  Aug 13 – Oct 1