Jeffrey Elizabeth Copeland | Peoples Improv Theater

Jeffrey Elizabeth Copeland

Jeffrey Elizabeth Copeland is producer, comedian, and tiny dog owner. She makes cool digital stuff for Lifetime, Bleacher Report, Refinery29, The Food Network, Facebook Watch, and National Geographic – she still doesn’t know if it’s pronounced Jiff or Gif. She serves as a writer-performer for the house sketch team Church Social at The People’s Improv Theatre. She’s also currently a performer on the Armory improv team, Weird Cat, and the independent hip-hop improv team, RoboPop. Yes, hip-hop improv is a thing. In her free time, Jeffrey spends copious amounts of time on Twitter – not in a ‘leader of the Free World destroys democracy’ kind of way, but more of a ‘I love Black Twitter’ vibe. To get in her head, check her out at @atl_Spielberg. When she isn’t writing, performing, or Twitter-ing, Jeffrey spends her time brunching (frugally, of course) and watching YouTube beauty tutorials. To catch her next show, or check out her adorable Morkie, Nino, head on over to P.S. Jeffrey isn’t using the wrong pronouns; she’s named after her uncle, Jeffrey Jerome Copeland. All things considered, her name could have been a lot worse.