Kristin Taylor

About Kristin

Kristin Taylor is an NYC based graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts for acting and St. John’s University for Dramatic Arts, Film and TV. She is an actress, writer, model, and Harry Potter enthusiast. Literally AMA about Harry Potter. She’s also hilarious LOL!!!! Kristin is very proud to say she is a military brat, so she has lived all over. She was born in Georgia, then moved on to New Mexico, and most recently Kansas. Also, thx so much but she knows she’s “NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE" ;P Now, she works with the YouTube channel Barely Political, being hilarious LOL!!!!!!!!!!, and considers it a win when she can go a day without wearing a bra. Follow Kristin on Twitter and you can watch her reels HERE! HAHA WOW guys, she's so hilarious LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!