Melissa Surach

About Melissa

Melissa was born and raised in Jersey City, NJ, and sometimes still hangs out in the cemetery there. In addition to being a writer and performer on National Scandal, she does other sketch stuff, is also a beer expert and an award-winning homebrewer. She’s taken a million sketch, improv, musical improv, character, screenwriting, humor writing and bla bla bla classes and has a degree in Mathematics from McGill, a Pro-Screenwriting Certificate from NYU, an MFA in Writing from The New School and an FU at Life. Her humor writing and beer journalism has appeared in a bunch of publications. Her new project is No Baby Stop! With Baby Arm, which is about a broken baby mannequin arm that won’t stay out of trouble, because Melissa likes to play with garbage she finds on the street. Sometimes she teaches comedy to kids in the woods.