Molly Austin

About Molly

Molly Austin wants to make you laugh in your hearts and maybe start a hair-braiding circle.

She loves telling jokes so hard it isn't even funny and then it is. She is a rather busy bee as she has been buzzing all over NYC doing stand up for the people. She performs in various venues as well as produces two shows a week cause it's like, go hard or go home, if you wanna get athletic about it.

Born helpless, nude, and unable to provide for herself, Molly Austin eventually overcame these handicaps to become a conjurer of charm, a wizard of wit, and a queen (or king, depending on your religious views) of komoidía!

Molly has been performing with The Peoples Improv Theater since 2006 and has studied improv as well as sketch at the Upright Citizens Brigade. Molly also stretched her acting muscles at the Deena Levy Theater Studio for two years and can now cry on command.

Molly is one half of the smash hit webseries, EMOTISTYLE . She blogs for Alice and Olivia and has contributed to Vice's Noisey, Marie Claire and other stuff she can send you if you ask her real nice. Molly Austin loves you and cats and pizza and then about five other people. xoxo