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Ron Hill

Ron is a comic actor, writer, improviser and teacher based in NYC. His performance style varies from larger than life characters & premise-based humor, to emotionally grounded relationship focused humor; from reckless physical comedy, to patient, subtle and even silent humor. Ron began improvising in 2001 and has been teaching improv (in theatrical and corporate settings) since 2008. He continues to teach with The Peoples Improv Theater and coach improv teams throughout NYC.​​ You can catch him several nights per week on The PIT stage, including during his productions of Improvised Lifetime Movie, Captive Audience: An Improvised Heist, The Ron Hill Character Show, and Ugly People (in which he improvises alongside his 9 year old daughter and 11 year old son).

He has paid to see Barry Manilow in concert. 3 times.

Facebook: @ronhill85
Instagram: @ronhill.85
Twitter: @ronhill85

Upcoming Shows
SFM: The Murder Police and Montgomery  May 14 – 28   9:00pm
Upcoming Classes
Level 1: Improv | May 3 | Ron Hill  May 3 – Jun 21
Level 1: Improv | April 25 | Ron Hill  Apr 25, 2018 – Jun 13, 2018
The Murder Police