Saif | Peoples Improv Theater


Saif is a comedian who writes and performs for the PIT Sketch House Team, Like Butter. He has recently graduated from Macaulay Honors College at the City College of New York where he maintained a 3.96 GPA – shocking everyone because he was suspended from school in Pre-K (the teacher was a player hater). From early in his life, Saif had to take care of his disabled father, which directed him toward becoming a doctor. However after volunteering at a hospital and fainting at the sight of blood, he decided to go the other way and pursue comedy. Saif hopes that through comedy, he can alleviate much of the pain others suffer – whether it’s by attackingthe ignorance that exists today or by simply putting a smile on people’s faces. He is also currently getting his Master’s to become a certified NYC public school teacher to continue the cycle of wrongly suspending little children.

Like Butter