Taren Sterry

About Taren

For more than 15 years, Taren Sterry has helped people become successful leaders, confident communicators and intelligent improvisers. Taren's specialty is working with professionals who want to bring more fun, play and awareness into their work and lives. Taren believes that improv holds the key to say "yes" not just on the stage, but "yes" to possibility, opportunity and your LIFE. She teaches Level 0 The Joy of Improv, Improv Your Public Speaking and is the go-to coach for PIT's Corporate Programming. Learn more at www.bigtimecoaching.com

Upcoming Classes
Improv Your Public Speaking Tue 3/13/18
Level 0: The Joy of Improv Wed 3/21/18
Level 0: The Joy of Improv Wed 4/18/18