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Taren Sterry

Taren Sterry is a writer and performer in NYC. Her current play, 180 Days, is in its fourth extended sold out run at Stage Left Studio. Taren performed improv at the PIT for three years with Fancy Dragon and Tomahawk! Taren is a 2008 Manhattan Monologue Slam Winner and wrote, produced and starred in the totally hilarious “Totes Hilare.” In 2009, Taren was a winning model on Bravo’s The Fashion Show (long story). Taren can be seen every month performing original material at Stage Left Studio and teaches improv at the The PIT.

Upcoming Classes
Level 0 Improv | July 10th | Taren Sterry  Jul 10 – 31
Improv Your Public Speaking | June 27th | Taren Sterry  Jun 27
Level 0: Joy Of Improv | June 5th | Taren Sterry  Jun 5 – 26
Level 0: Joy Of Improv | April 25 | Taren Sterry  Apr 25, 2018 – May 16, 2018
Improv Your Public Speaking  May 15