About the class

Fresh off shooting Season Two of Netflix's "Lady Dynamite" and her new special "Old Baby", Maria Bamford offers a rare, intimate master class in stand-up and performing the personal.

"Ridiculously original, odd and confessional...She's transcendent." - New York Magazine


Maria Bamford

Named one of the 50 Funniest People by Rolling Stone, Maria Bamford is a stand-up and performer like none other. The New York Times says, "This rare gem of a comedian is beloved within the comedy community for her heart-wrenchingly honest stand-up and precise, carefully constructed bits."

"She's just doing something so new that you feel like a vaudevillian in baggy pants." - Patton Oswalt

"She's one of the few people that really makes you laugh hard, who's doing something so interesting and insane." - Judd Apatow