About the class

You have studied improv, performed a lot and now over 8 weeks we are going to look under the hood to take it to the next level.  We will uncover your core strengths and discuss your voice as a performer.  We will also look at how you fit in a group dynamic. Individually, we will examine where each player can best contribute (the pirate, the robot and the ninja) and how they can best serve their team. 

Here are some specific things we'll cover over the 8 weeks:

  • Various forms and you play in different show styles
  • Emphasis on things we don’t work on (object work, active listening, remembering patterns)
  • Writing your own improv mission statement (what kind of performer do you want to be)
  • Strengths and weaknesses of your team play  and as an individual (real and perceived)
  • Find the role of each show (protagonist, villain, the clown/comic relief, ingenue, sage, etc.)
  • Finding core agreement (for both the scene and serving the tone of each show)
  • Knowing when to be selfish and unselfish in a show (How to play both)
  • Being an improviser versus being an artist

Chris Griggs

Chris Griggs has been a regular host for TV Land's "PRIME" Movies and made TV appearances on the Discovery Channel and ION TV. He was also selected to represent New York on the TV show "World Cup Comedy," produced by Kelsey Grammar. He has also been featured in independent films such as "The Best Man" and most recently "Do Not Call." Theater highlights include the award winning NYC Fringe Festival production of "SUV The Musical," playing Richard Foreman in "Being Richard Foreman," and "Goebbels! Live From Hell!" which won best play at The NYC Cringe Festival. Chris is also a standup comedian and a part of "The Average White Guy" comedy tour. He performs regularly on The PIT's house team The Baldwins. To find out more please visit his website.