About the class

This class is the culmination of the IMPROV YOUR LIFE™ curriculum, integrating all of the tools and techniques learned over the previous levels to help students develop themselves into empowered comedians. By the end of this class students will possess all the necessary IMPROV skills allowing them to focus on their comedic LIFE skills. After completing the IMPROV YOUR LIFE™ program, students are eligible to audition for house teams and are encouraged to develop their own improv teams, sketch groups, stand-up material, or solo shows.

Prerequisite Level 4: Advanced Scenework


Pat Shay

Pat Shay moved to Chicago in the 90s to train with Del Close, starting off a grand adventure in American improv. He is one of a very few improvisers to have played on House Teams and/or touring companies of IO Chicago, UCB, The Second City, and The PIT. With his wife, Mary Theresa Archbold, he created Jazz Hand - which, as a short film, got to the finals of the NBC Shortcuts Festival, and as a sketch show, got them invited to perform at The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Media credits include Late Night with Conan Ou2019Brien, The Blacklist, and the part of Dr. Schwartz in the MTV (Other) series Shortcomings.