About the class
Join Jordan Yanco, Dialect Coach for Improv and Stand-up, for this 4-week exploration of accents.

Students will approach accents in a whole new hands-on way, peeling back the curtain on breaking down an accent, as well as unlocking and sharpening their natural accent instincts to go beyond accent stereotypes and the low-hanging fruit.

You’ll sharpen your accent ear and your instincts to recognize the accents all around us, unlock the accent skills you already have, and become a better improviser by relying on subtlety rather than stereotypes.

Some of the topics in class may include:

  • What is an Accent vs a Dialect? Do I have an accent?
  • Accents are a Tool, not a Crutch.
  • Where am I from and how do I identify with that in my own life?
  • What are your ‘favorite’ accents and why? What features do you notice?
  • Practice listening for other accents all around us
  • The “So-Called General American” Accent
  • Stereotypes (low-hanging fruit) vs truth in character.