About the class
Body language is everything. In this workshop, you’ll discover the power of physicality to inform your musical improvisation. Rely less on spoken word, and let your body do the singing.


Millions of emotions, wants, desires, needs and intentions are right there in the movement of one’s body. Everything you need to start, continue and finish a scene are right there in the subtle gestures. Find out how to take that expression of physicality and match it in perfect harmony with your voice and the piano.


In this workshop students will:
– Explore the nuances of body language in musical improv
– Rely less on words and more on physicality in scenework
– Heighten and explore offers through extreme agreement
– Allow the piano to inform initiations, movements, emotions and wants
– Develop meaningful choreography that complements and elevates the song


Take your improvisation to the fullest potential in this workshop where we take you out of your head and into your body.

Prerequisite: Intro to Musical Improv