About the class
Raise your comedic acting to a competitive, more confident level with this comedy workshop for commercials. Having trouble deciphering comedic material?  Do you find yourself second-guessing your acting choices? Are you asking yourself ‘How do I make this funny?’ Do you have stand up, improv training/experience but having difficulty applying it to scripted material?   Comedic content can be dry, dark, witty, subtle, broad, campy…the list goes on and on! Learn specific tools and skills in this workshop, that will focus on accentuating and tailoring your brand of humor and comedic style to your acting as well as building your confidence:

  • A focus on honing in on and trusting YOUR creative ideas and details.
  • Owning, facing and using your fears and nerves in a smart, clever and effective way.
  • Making the best use of nonverbal improv.
  • Get a comprehensive understanding and clarification of expectations of directors and producers, as it relates to comedic acting, as well as overall professionalism.
  • Addressing common mistakes in auditions and how to avoid them.
  • What other skills should you have outside of improv/sketch/stand up that will help with your auditions?

Work with Commercial copy:

  • Work on all types of comedy based commercial copy – spokesperson, promos, multiple person scenes, extensive copy with specific blocking, copy with little or no dialogue.
  • How to showcase your improv skills wisely and to your advantage without the fear of going “too far”.
  • Making use of improv without stepping too far away from the intent of copy. Being able to perform copy with and without improv.  Avoiding using verbal improv as a crutch.
  • Playing it safe vs making smart bold choices.  Finding that happy medium that will make your stand out and be remembered.
  • Releasing yourself from a typical commercial read.
  • Taking direction – Covering multiple audition scenarios, including interpreting and working with someone who gives no direction in auditions.
  • Timing – addressing the pacing of commercials and how to make the most of the time given.
  • Give yourself the edge in auditions by being in the know of the most recent ads airing and observing the tone of the ads.

Read student testimonials! http://ericapalgon.com/erica-palgon-commercial-comedy-workshop-at-the-pit-testimonials

*This workshop will include a special guest at the end of the fourth week.

** The workshop is a learning experience. It is not an employment opportunity. When the workshop is over the Casting Director teaching this workshop will not be taking home, nor be given access to your headshot, resume or any other of your promotional materials.