About the class

This class is the ultimate guide in having a successful indie team in NYC. Over the course of six weeks, a max of 10 students will explore every aspect of what it means to have a successful indie team- every job and role required. You’ll have a better understanding and grasp on how to sell out your shows, get a better social media presence, and so much more.

Additionally, you as a class will become an indie team for the duration of the six week class. You will choose and perfect a form, name yourselves, put together a social media presence, learn what it means to book a show (here at the PIT and elsewhere), plus a myriad of other skills. Your new class indie team will also receive a one month run of shows every Sunday at 6pm on Student Driver Indie Road at the PIT Underground. Following your lesson in the last four weeks of class, you and your classmates (teacher included) will walk over to the PIT East to perform, with notes given by your teacher following the performance.

At the completion of the six week class, we encourage you and your new indie team to continue to play and book shows together, but the skills and information learned throughout the course can be carried over to any indie team (new or old) that you may want to start.

(Please note, all instructors are subject to change without notice)

Prerequisite: Level 2: Introduction to Scenework