About the class

8 classes – 2 shows – 10 weeks

Do you feel tired of doing the same montage/form? Then stop doing montage! No really, stop it!

There are so many wonderful forms to explore, and the more you expose yourself to and play in, the more able you are to create your own original forms and shows.

This class will introduce students to 2 different improv forms: the Documentary and the Evénte.

Each form will be taught over 4 classes, and culminate with a show in week 5.

The Documentary form is inspired largely by the films of Christopher Guest, and the documentaries of Errol Morris, and utilizes common doc style tropes (testimonials, breaking the 4th wall, etc.) to explore insular communities and characters.

The Evénte explores the theatrical storytelling device of starting with the ending. The form uses an event scene as it’s inspiration for the show, and asks the players to recreate that same scene at the show’s end, completing a circle.

Due to the multiple performances, please make sure the class schedule will work for you.

12 students



Prerequisite: Level 3: Intermediate Scenework