Remote Film School In A Night, 8/20

Thursday 8/20 7:00 pm

Instructor: Joe Whelski

Learn all the steps from A to Z of creating, directing and producing your own film! Award winning NYC Director Joe Whelski has written, directed and produced local and national commercials, web series, and short and feature films— and his latest commercial features legendary comedian John Cleese. In this jam packed, one night workshop, Joe will teach you every phase of creating your own film. From Script to Screen, he will break down the entire filmmaking process: Conceiving film worthy ideas, script formatting, storyboarding, the importance of insurance and liability, location scouting, casting, assembling your crew, knowing your camera, light and sound options, directing your actors for the camera, editing, and post-production workflow, sound design, mixing, and film scoring, marketing your film, applying for film festivals and distribution. All students will receive class notes in the form of a PDF, so you’ll leave this workshop with a master blueprint on how to create your own independent film or video!

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