About the class

Do you avoid public speaking like it’s your JOB? Would you rather be trapped by rabid dogs who haven’t eaten in a week than give a presentation in front of your colleagues? Are you watching opportunities pass you by because of your less than stellar communication skills?

Well, let’s change that.

Taren Sterry specializes in helping adults conquer their fear of public speaking of all kinds. Networking, dating, interviews, Ted talks, you name it. In a safe yet challenging environment, you’ll be led through improv games and individual speaking exercises that will help you be more comfortable in front of a crowd and give you the skills to relax in the midst of “performing.” Nothing crazy, nothing cheesy. Just the stuff that works to help you move past your fear, expand your comfort zone and share your brilliance. That’s all.



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  Jan 28  Taren Sterry
  1 sessions   Tuesday, January 28 from 7-10 PM
  Feb 26  Taren Sterry
  1 sessions   Wednesday February 26 2020 @ 7:00pm-10:00pm