About the class

Intro to Theatrical Clowning is a physical comedy workshop geared towards actors and improvisers looking to add more joy, play, and pleasure to their performances as well as those who have never stepped on stage before looking to add more joy, play, and pleasure into their lives! This program develops the courageous embodiment of the authentic self in a safe space.

As children, we fully embody what it means to truly play. We play to understand how society works and how we fit into it, revealing our desires, expressing our truth, and testing our boundaries all in good fun. As we grow up, we lose this sense of curiosity and discovery, learning that expressing our whole self unapologetically is not always accepted by society and therefore, a rebellious act, and we shut it down.

Clown invites this rebellion in a safe space, allowing ourselves to fiercely step into our courage with full enthusiasm, vulnerably sharing our whole selves with each other. We take the driver’s seat, reprograming ourselves to feel 100% embodied, fearlessly expressing our authenticity in our lives as adults. We are more likely to take healthy risks which allows us to live the life we desire more fully. The result? Deep healing, connection, conscious understanding of the limiting beliefs holding us back, re-gained love for ourselves, and re-inspired confidence.

Concluding this workshop, participants will be given ‘homework’, small rituals they can perform on a regular basis to keep joy, play, and pleasure alive in their lives.

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  May 4, 2019  Ilyssa Baine
  1 sessions   Saturday 12-4pm
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