About the class


This class will explore the theories, practices, and aesthetic components found in physical comedy and comic scenes, to teach them how to play the A and B characters in a sketch, to instruct them how to write and rewrite comedy sketches by utilizing various methods of accepting critique, and to train them to knowledgeably critique the art form themselves.

Identify and comprehend what “Physical comedy” is in all its forms while identifying comic scene styles, characters, and structure in sketch comedy.

Write sketches that contain a strong comic premise, vivid and highly playable characters, comic struggle, dramatic action, and a clear beginning, middle, and end.
Learn to express and execute ideas clearly and effectively with your body.

Perform comic sketches that communicate the presence of moment, emotion, and understanding of the character’s function in sketches.

Learning Outcomes:

To create and develop sketches from an inspired movement. To understand the formats of physical sketch, the structure behind comedy basics, and art of physical sketch and comedy writing.