About the class

This 4-week workshop will focus on the most powerful and overlooked area of Improvisation, (drum roll) physicality! In the absence of costumes, props, and sets, Improvisers must rely heavily on their physicality to create a captivating show.  Yet Improvisers often find themselves trapped in ‘talking heads’ scenes with little visual depth or physical dynamics. This workshop will provide you with the skills to become a more connected & expressive, multi-dimensional performer!

Taught for EVERY BODY TYPE and ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS and team-instructed by Improv veteran James Quesada and Moving Arts specialist Nicolina Dante. Please dress to move (athletic wear, sweats, yoga pants, sneakers, etc.)

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  Apr 23, 2018 – May 14, 2018  James Quesada
  4 sessions   Mondays 7:00pm-10:00pm   199 More Info